The transition that has arrived at your doorstep has come with gifts.

Be sure to open them. 

Are you walking through a fire in your life? Yearning for something more? Or managing transitions, big or small? Life is an ebb & flow of constant change and transition is the fire that burns away what doesn't belong to you, leaving behind a more truer *you*. Yet in our western culture, we don't yet have a graceful language for how to walk this fire. We often plough through transition without processing it, afraid of feeling pain, missing out on some of the most beautiful lessons life has to offer. By leaning into the transition and building trust with yourself, you will wash away the fire with a clean new beginning.  

Life Transition

& Transformation



What's it all about

Girl Behind a Sheet

Dissolving negative thinking

A shiny new mind set is your passport to freedom.

Our thoughts control our behaviors and our behaviors dictate our lives. Dissolving negative thinking could be one of the most important skills we can gain in life. Negative thoughts effect every area of our lives, from the quality of our relationships to our biology. Our thoughts are the energetic frequency we send out to the world and they are the foundation that allows us soar or sink. The tricky thing with our thoughts is we are not always aware we are having them. 95% of the thoughts you had yesterday, you are having again today, which means we are operating on auto pilot, blind to the mental forces driving our lives. In learning to identify the thoughts holding you back, you will begin to unburden yourself from years of emotional weight and clear the mental clutter from the past

Self Leadership & Healing

A compassionate welcoming home of your whole self.

Self Leadership is based in the Internal Family Systems model (IFS). The IFS model explains that just as we have external systems in our lives; our parents, siblings, partners, co workers, etc, we also operate within our own internal systems of "parts". We interact with these parts all day long, but are often completely unaware of our relationship to them. For example, your inner critic, who judges you for messing up at work, or your perfectionist, who wants to be seen a certain way by others. Getting to know these different parts allows you to see your internal system with more clarity and creativity. This clarity is the doorway to understanding why you do the things you do and befriending the parts of us we feel ashamed or upset towards. When we reunify with our parts we no longer treat ourselves like an enemy but instead a trusted friend.

Creativity for Healing

Let's get in the FLOW.

Why is developing spiritual and creative practice so important? When you're watching any artist, athlete, speaker express themselves , you're watching FLOW. It is the place beyond time and space, where universal energy takes over. We ALL have had this experience at some point in our lives. Whether you are gardening, or running or just singing in the shower. FLOW brings you outside of yourself and into the spiritual dimension. Most often when I'm painting, I have no memory of the event. This is a tell tale sign, you've reached FLOW.


Spiritual and creative practice roots us in our senses, clears out negative energetic patterns that create disease and carves deeper connection with our intuition - the storehouse of all of our internal wisdom. These practices are direct lines to our deepest subconscious patterns that drive our behavior. If you want the fast track to deepening your understanding of Self, look no further. These practices have also been proven to alleviate anxiety and depression, creating coherent brain waves to self regulate our emotions and create incredible joy.

Emotional Healing Through Color

Move color, move energy

As a certified facilitator of Art for Healing, I guide you in giving pain a voice and meaning by providing expressive abstract painting sessions and group workshops. This methodology facilitates the creative process while encouraging emotional healing—and these two paths often intersect when words are not adequate, and pain is too deep. The mix of artistic development and expression coupled with a creative healing model allow participants to learn a new way of communicating through color that encourages emotional breakthroughs and further enhances the therapy process.

Since this methodology began in 2000, facilitators have directly fostered transformational change for over 70,000children, women, and families who have found their creative intervention a valuable tool to address the often unbearable pain in their lives. Programs include; Women who have been victimized by domestic violence; children and teens from economically challenged families struggling with anger and dysfunction; children hospitalized with cancer; seniors struggling with grief; active military and veterans and their families; and homeless children and their families.

This process is for anyone, no art background is required. It is simply a way to acknowledge, process and move the energy of painful or trapped emotions out of the mind, body and spirit so healing can begin. 

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