what clients have experienced...

"Having received a session with Jasmine allowed me to access aspects of myself that I had been unaware of. I was able to access shadow elements of my personality that held the keys to understand my value. Not only was it a very profound session of unveiling my internal shadow, but a gently embracing and integration of it in a way that allowed me to see my gift and power. I am incredibly grateful for her ability to witness and hold the space for my healing to occur. Since I received a coaching session from Jasmine, I am constantly reminded of how valuable I am. Thank you Jasmine! "


"Dear Jasmine -- I want to let you know how much our work meant to me. Reflecting back on it I can see how paralyzed I felt at the time. With wisdom and compassion you helped me separate out and understand the different components of my situation and together we found a way through the maze. The sense of freedom and confidence your guidance gave me allowed me to move forward. I've already recommended you to several friends and can't wait to work with you again. I am grateful that you were drawn to this work -- your innate power of insight is a force of good in this world of ours." 


"I loved every one of our sessions. I always felt able to talk so freely, even when sometimes I wasn't sure on the topic I wanted to discuss it was always so easy talking with Jasmine and very quickly finding something to talk about. I felt like I could have talked for hours. I always appreciated and respected hearing Jasmine's outlook and hearing advice. It's always so helpful seeing everything from another point of view. Thank you so much for everything and I hope we speak again in the near future!"


"I can’t recommend Jasmine’s services highly enough - she’s an exceptional life coach, and our sessions together were a revelation for me.  I work as a freelance writer, and I was looking for ways to ease occasional bouts of writer’s block.  In our very first appointment, she guided me through a brilliant meditation that revealed the root of my issue.  In subsequent appointments, she's helped me unwind and release the elements that were impacting my work.  Thanks to Jasmine’s compassion, deep presence and intuitive skill, I’m enjoying freedom in my writing life again!"


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